Mahaut Harley Leca is an Artist and Art Director based in Paris.


[Contact] / @mahautharley

[Artist Statement] Mahaut fades her images as a protest to pop female photography; to step away from an era where endless access to technology has made shock value tactics the default means to represent the female form. 


She cannibalises published imagery in a collage composed to reclaim the body back from vulgarity. She achieves this by presenting subtle glimpses of form, as opposed to gratuitous female objectification.


Mahaut stripes the bodies of intention, fetish and expectation and presents them in a way that asks us to look and think again about what the body means to us.

By using faceless bodies, she invites the audience to project themselves into the work for a more introspective and intimate moment.


Mahaut sees her work as letters to the past, a past she never belonged to where sexualisation was identity given to the female form. It is through these letters, she asks us to our conditioning and appreciates femininity for its grace and elegance rather than sexuality alone.




> MA Fashion Image, Institut Francais de la Mode, Paris (2019-2021)

> BA Fine Art, Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts of London, UK (2014-2017)

> Academia Di Belle Arti Di Brera, Milan, Italy (2015)

> Foundation Diploma in Arts and Design, City & Guilds of London Art School, UK (2013-2014)

                 Work Experience


> Art Direction Internship, Simmonds Ltd



> Minuscule, Fundamenta Sant’Anna 996, Venezia

>Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad, 


> The Other Art Fair, 30th Edition

> The Muse Residency Final Show 2018, The Muse Gallery 

> The Nude, Candid Arts Trust

>A Room Of One's Own, Private Gallery Space

>The Reunion, Arts Union, Camberwell Gallery

> Air Group Show, The Muse Gallery


> Tactile Reminder Of A World Soon To Be Obliterated, Subsidiary Projects 

> Passaggi Atina, Atina, Italy

> Air Competition, The Muse Gallery 

> Degree Show, Camberwell College of Art, UAL

> Kalms, Assembly Point Gallery 


> End of Year Show, Camberwell College of Art

> Me, My Second Self and Eye, Online Platform


> End of Year Show, Camberwell College of Art

>Long Live The New Flesh!, Tower Gallery 


> Foundation Degree Show, City & Guilds of London Art School



> The Muse Gallery Residency,  UK, 2018

> Atina Art Residency, Italy, 2017